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Clothes, food, personal hygiene items, spiritual counseling.
Drug Assistance Programs, Substance Abuse, Outpatient, Mental Health, and Residential Services
Pet Adoption Services and Registration for Osceola County
Provides a voice for children going through court proceedings due to child abuse/neglect.
For Children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Offers week-long, cost-free fant...
Provides safe shelter and counseling for victims of domestic violence. Sexual Assault Program ser...
Providing hope through hospitality, help and healing by providing an array of services free of ch...
Provide assistance in long-term case plan & advocacy, homeless barriers assessment, budgeting...
Offers before/after school programs, youth clubs and community service hours for high school stud...
Provides volunteer opportunities as well as grants to organizations.
Main Headquarters for Membership and Volunteering information in Osceola County.
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