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Provides assistance and professional counseling services for youth, and their families, who are troubled or who just need additional support and mentoring.

Offers free hot meals on Sunday at 2 p.m. Offers cold shelter when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Cold shelter is between 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. and will include a free hot dinner and breakfast.


Offers free hot meals.

Clothes, food, personal hygiene items, spiritual counseling.

Offers a men’s shelter and a women’s shelter in Orlando for homeless individuals.

Drug Assistance Programs, Substance Abuse, Outpatient, Mental Health, and Residential Services

Outpatient Access Center/Crisis Emergency Support, Outpatient Therapy and Medical Services, Case Management, Inpatient Crisis Stabilization Unit (Baker Act Receiving Facility)

Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Counseling, Psychiatric Evaluations

Pet Adoption Services and Registration for Osceola County

Animal Shelter/Adoption, Vet Care, Pet Education, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Pet Food Pantry, and Dog Training School Services

Provides financial assistance information for those seeking veterinarian care for their pets. Report Dog Fighting/Puppy Mills Anonymously.

Offers pet education and referral services for pet shelters in Osceola County (including Private and No-Kill Shelters).

Provides services to children and non-offending family members that are victims of child sexual and physical abuse.


Provides medically directed programs for child abuse and neglect cases.

Oversees foster care, adoption and child welfare issues including case management, legal services, supervised parental visitation, foster parent training and social worker licensing.

Provides support services to children placed into foster care due to abuse or neglect.

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