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Florida Farm Bureau
Classification: LIFE INSURANCE
Contact: Viviane Fracasso
Phone: (407) 301-1417

Florida Farm Show 
Classification: FAIR
Contact: Alison Reed
Phone: (407) 593-6033

Insurance Chick
Classification: INSURANCE
Contact: Sojha Husein Cruz
Phone: (407) 973-9082

Minuteman Press
Classification: PRINTING
Contact: Tucker Palacio
Phone: (407) 286-1039

Positive Edge Real Estate Academy of Learning 
Classification: REAL ESTATE SCHOOL
Contact: Kevin Kersey
Phone: (407) 791-8653

PPM Outdoor
Classification: LANDSCAPING
Contact: Anthony Tempesta
Phone: (407) 279-9906

Quick Quote Mortgage 
Classification: MORTGAGE
Contact: Jowan Joseph
Phone: (321) 624-2027

Robin Wells Realtor
Contact: Robin Wells
Phone: (407) 448-9830

Roof Exchange 
Classification: ROOFING
Contact: Kelly Fletcher
Phone: (407) 433-9536

Classification: HEALTH/ WELLNESS
Contact: Betty Cleveland
Phone: (407) 908-5877

For more information on joining a Leads Group, please contact Robin Hughes at (407) 847-4523.

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